Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspired by Maile

Maile Belles from Simply Stamped is simply amazing.  She created a "Lovely Birthday Card Set" that is publised on page 16 of the 350 Cards & Gifts magazine from Paper Crafts.

Maile is a master at using white on white and I couln't help myself and had to give it a try.

This set went to one of my daughter's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I had SO much fun making all these tags.  My desk had about 20 different stamp sets on it and I used several sets for a few of them! 

One of these was also included in the gifts for all the teachers at her preschool:


Melissa said...

what a wonderful gift, and I love that poem! The white on white is so fab, I need to try that! I just got that mag and Maile's card definitely caught my eye, too!

Two Rivers Soap Company said...

I love the white on white. It's very elegant!

Cathy Weber said...

Every one of these cards is great, but the one I like the most is the Flower Fusion one. It is so pretty and you are right, white on white is gorgeous. I love the beautiful poetry you chose for the teachers too. Very nice touch to go with the cards.

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